Gantry Machining Center GMC2830

Gantry machining center adopts FANUC CNC system with automatic tool change function. It can do linear and circular interpolation cutting, which can carry out milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other machining processes. Especially suitable for machining box parts and miscellaneous parts in the field of automotive, metallurgy, mining, machine tool manufacturing and other industries.

Gantry machining center adopts table movement structure with rigid, smooth motion. X, Y axes are with linear motion rolling guide to improve the response speed of the axis. Z-axis is with slide guide structure to improve the rigidity of the ram.

Each axis adopt ball screw drive with the spindle follow the ram move rectangle along the Z-axis, follow the beams saddle along the Y-axis linear guide and table along the machine base X-axis linear guides.

Spindle adopts ZF two steps gearbox to meet user demand for high torque tools, the main component of the overall main section are from professional manufacturers with high transmission reliability, accuracy and stability with Maximum spindle speed 6000rmp.

Cooling of Spindles and spindle gearbox are via a Thermostatic cooling device, taking away the heat generated by the rotation of the spindle, ensure that the temperature changes in the machine spindle does not exceed 60℃, also to ensure temperature stability of the transmission, while ensuring that the machine overall temperature uniformity, reducing machine temperature changes to ensure the accuracy of the thermal stability of the machine.

Item Unit GMC2830 GMC2840 GMC2850 GMC2860
Working table    
Effective table size mm 2000*300 2000(2500)*4000 2000(2500)5000 2000(500)6000
Table load t 15 20(23) 25(28) 30(3)
T-slot specification   22*200*9 22*200*9(28*200*12)
Effective gantry width mm 2800
Axis travel    
X mm 3200 4200 5500 6500
Y mm 2700+50 change tool
Z mm 1000
Spindle power kw 22/26
Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
Spindle taper and specifications   ISO7:24 NO.50
Maximum spindle torque n.m 726/858
Distance from spindle nose to table mm 160-1160
Axis positioning accuracy    
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.006/300
Repeatability accuracy mm ±0.003/1000
Axis feed rate    
Cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 6/6/6
Fast moving cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 15/20/15
Tool storage    
Tool storage volume t 24/40(vertical)
Shank form   BT50
Rivet form   P50T-2-MAS403
Maximum diameter (full knives / vacancy) mm 110(200)(vertical)
Maximum length mm 300
Maximum weight kg 20
NC system   FANUC 0I
Power kva 55
Weight t 38 49(52) 49(60) 54(67)

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