Gantry Machining Center GMC1610

Gantry machining centers (CNC gantry milling and boring machine) is a five-face lathe machine. It can process all kinds of holes and surfaces in one setup except for the mounting surface, with good efficiency and quality.

Gantry machining centers (CNC gantry milling and boring machine) is suitable for the fields of automotive, mold, aviation, aerospace, printing, textile, petrochemical and boiler refrigeration industry for machining complex structure of the mold, disc plate, wall cabinet and other parts.

♦ Beam
Adopt high quality resin sand casting, fine grinding steel inlaid guide rail with hardness HRC60 ± 2, the sliding surface is with small friction, large carrying capacity and suitable for heavy cutting.

♦ Center - Universal Tool Magazine
ATC system, saving a lot of tooling and improving efficiency.

♦ Bed
Adopt high-quality resin sand casting, with high rigid, carrying gantry frame to maintain stable performance.

♦ Table
X-axis guide uses imported heavy duty linear guides with small friction, high sensitivity table, small vibration in high-speed, low speed without crawling.
Machine bed, column, beam, saddle and ram are all made of high quality resin sand casting process with reasonable structure, good rigidity and stability.

♦ Five-Face Machining Head
Combine vertical and horizontal spindle into one, 5? × 72 horizontal spindle, achieving five-sided machining with high rigidity.

GMC1610/1620/1625 Gantry Machining Center 
Item Unit GMC1610 GMC1620 GMC1625
Table effective size mm 1500*1000 1500*2000 1500*2500
Table load t 2 6 8
T-slot Specifications   22*160*6 22*160*9
Gantry effective width mm 1600
Each axis travel    
X axis mm 1500 2000 2500
Y axis mm 1000 1500
Z axis mm 760
Spindle power kw 15/18.5
Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
Spindle taper and specifications   ISO7:24 NO.50
Spindle maximum torque n.m 490/605
Distance spindle nose to table mm 120-880 200-960
Each axis positioning accuracy    
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/300
Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.002
Each axis feedrate    
Cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 10/10/10 8/10/10
Fast moving cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 20/24/20 20/20/20
Tool storage capacity t 24/40
Shank form   BT50
Rivet form   P50T-2-MAS403
The maximum diameter (full knives / vacancy) mm 110(200)
The maximum length mm 300
Maximum weight kg 20
CNC system   FANUC 0I
Capacity kva 40 40 40
Machine weight t 14 20 23

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