CNC Gantry Milling Machine GMC2330

CNC gantry milling machine GMC2330 has a structure of movable workstation and fixed beam gantry. The bed, table, column, beam and other basic parts are made of resin sand molding. Machine adopts High-quality high-strength cast iron HT300 by aging treatment with reasonable structure design, high stiffness, good flexural resistance and excellent stability and accuracy.

Gantry framework consists of left and right columns, beams, bed, etc., and the lower end of the column is fastened with bed, the upper end of the column is fastened with beam to form a high stiffness gantry frame structure.

The overall layout of the machine: motor-driven table moving on the bed (X axis), high-power multi-function type boring and milling head slide on the beam, boring and milling head (Y axis) moves left and right, up and down (Z axis). The machine is controlled by the numerical control system and X, Y, Z axis move together, Spindle is driven by belt drive (or may choose ZF reducer and belt driven, ZF2K250 two-speed reducer).

X-axis rails is with steel telescoping plate reciprocating multilayer protective cover, Y-axis guide uses organ shielding with neat appearance, the protective effect is good, durable.

GMC2330/2340/2350 Gantry Milling Machine
Item  Unit GMC2330 GMC2340 GMC2350 GMC2360
Table effective size mm 2000*3000 2000*4000 2000*5000 2000*6000
Table load t 15 20 25 30
T-slot Specifications   22*200*9
Gantry effective width mm 2300
Each axis travel    
X axis mm 3200 4200 5500 6500
Y axis mm 2200+50 ATC(2700+50ATC)
Z axis mm 760(1000)
Spindle power kw 22/26
Spindle speed rpm 10-6000
Spindle taper and specifications   ISO7:24 NO.50
Spindle maximum torque n.m 726/858
Distance between spindle nose to table mm 200-960(160-1160)
Each axis positioning accuracy    
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.005/300
Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.003/1000
Each axis feedrate    
Cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 6/6/6
Fast moving cutting speed X / Y / Z m/min 15/20/15
Tool storage capacity t 24/40(vertical)
Shank form   BT50
Rivet form   P50T-2-MAS403
The maximum diameter (full knives / vacancy) mm 110(200)(vertical)
Maximum length mm 300
Maximum weight kg 20
CNC system   FANUC 0I
Capacity kva 55
Machine weight t 36 41 47 52

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