CK5235 CNC double column vertical lathe machine


CNC double column vertical lathes are mainly for high-speed steel, carbide cutting tools and ceramic knives. It is employed for rough and precise processing of inner external cylindrical surface, conical surface, and grooving of ferrous metals, non-ferrous and some non-metallic parts.


1. CK52 series vertical lathe is an advanced equipment with wide range of application and high production efficiency.
2. Implementation of the latest national precision standards with world brand parts to meet the requirement of heavy cutting, big weight table load, high precision static and dynamic, safe and reliable operation, long life, high efficiency, etc.
3. The table and base adopt the whole cast thermal symmetrical structure. Spindle is with high-precision double row cylindrical roller bearings. Guideway is a cross-flow hydrostatic guideway with thermostatic cooling. These parts ensure the machine has a high rotational accuracy and sufficient rigidity, high strength and good thermal stability.
4. Column adopts gantry frame enclosed structure with finite element analysis, to make the best state of the structure size and force.
5. Vertical turret horizontal rail is a sliding or hydrostatic unloading guideway. Vertical movement carried out by sliding rails. Both feedings are driven by AC servo motor.
6. Both the ball screw and main shaft are driven by a DC motor, with two tranches of the transmission mechanism, to achieve table speed range.
7. According to user requirements, we can provide DRO device, grinding function, cooling and chips removal parts. Users can also select a single-pole or double rack turret.

Technical Data:

Item Unit CK5235
Processing range
Max. turning diameter mm 3500
Max, processing height mm 2000/2500
Max.loading capacity ton 10/16
Worktable diameter mm 3150
Speed range of worktable rpm 0.5-50
Steps of worktable   stepless (four gear)
Max. torque of worktable kn.m 63
Knife rest
Right knife rest cutting force kn 35
Left knife rest cutting force kn 30
Feeding range mm/min 0.1-500
Knife rest horizontal travel mm 1880
Knife rest vertical travel mm 1250/1600
Cross beam movement speed mm/min 350
Knife rest rapid movement speed mm/min 6000
Max. Swivel angle of knife rest ° ±30
Positioning accuracy mm 0.03
Accuracy of repeated positiong mm 0.015
Main motor power  kw 55
Guide rail forms   Dynamic and static pressure
Machine weight (about) ton 43/50

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