CK61250 heavy duty CNC lathe machine, Max. loading capacity 75 tons, Guideway width 2200mm


1. It is very suitable to machine shaft parts of gas turbines, rotor, rollers and other large high-precision;
2. Bed, slide , and headstock are made of resin sand casting with good stability,high strength and other features. passing two aging treatment to eliminate stress and ensure the stability of precision under the machine long-term be used.
3. Using Soldworks and Ansys do optimizing design to improve rigidity and stability of large parts and complete machine, effectively inhibited the cutting forces cause deformation and vibration of the machine.
4.Centralized lubrication system in headstock for less heating and heat distortion. And front end of the spindle adopts three-supporting structure of two-way angular in touch with the ball bearing to improve its accuracy and enhance its rigidity.
5.The control system can be selected according to the needs of users.

Technical Parameters:

Item Unit CK61250
Processing range
Swing over bed mm 2500
Swing over carriage mm 2200
Max.length of workpiece mm 10000
Max. loading capacity Ton 63
Guideway width mm 2090
Power of spindle kw 144
Center cone apex angle ° 75
Max.torque of face chuck knm 120
Range of spindle speeds rpm 0.5-1258
No.of spindle speeds   stepless
Chuck mm 2200
Range of cross feed mm/min 1-3000
Travel of cross mm 1000
Range of longitudinal feed mm/min 1-6000
Travel of longitudinal mm 10000
Turret working position   V4
Size of turret mm 80*80
Max. feed force kn 120
Rapid of turret kw 4
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 560
Travel of tailstock quill mm 200
Taper hole of tailstock   160/1:7
Rapid of tailstock mm/min 2500
Rapid of sleeve mm/min 50
Width mm  3622
Height mm 3250

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