CK61100 light duty CNC lathe machine, Max. loading capacity 8 tons, Swing diameter over carriage 630mm


1. It is widely used in automotive, petroleum, military and other field enabling turning of shaft, sleeve, the inner and outer surfaces of the disk class, cones, arcs, threads, boring and reaming.
2. Using traditional horizontal lathe layout with overall design, good sealing, and compliance with safety standards.
3. Bed, bed base legs and other major parts are made of resin sand casting, artificial aging with excellent machine stability.
4.Centralized lubrication system in headstock for less heating and heat distortion. And front end of the spindle adopts three-supporting structure of two-way angular in touch with the ball bearing to improve its accuracy and enhance its rigidity.
5.Gears in headstock and guide way are processed by supersonic frequency quenching to ensure accurate transmission and high rigidity.
6.Complete closed cover can protect the iron scraps splashing out.
7.The control system can be selected according to the needs of users.

Technical Parameters:

Item Unit CK61100
Processing range
Swing over bed mm 1000
Swing over carriage mm 630
Max.length of workpiece mm 1500;3000
Max. turning length mm 1230;2730
Max. loading capacity Ton 8
Guideway width mm 755
Spindle nose mm A2-15
Spindle bore mm 130
Taper hole of spindle mm 140 / 1:20
Range of spindle speeds rpm 3.15-315
No.of spindle speeds   stepless
Center height from bed mm 500
Chuck mm 1000
Min.feed increment mm 0.001/0.001
Rapid speeds mm/min 3000/6000
Max. travel of X mm 520
Turret working position   V4
Indexing time s 2.6
Indexing repeatility mm 0.01
Section of tool shank mm 40*40
Diameter of tailstock quill mm 160
Travel of tailstock quill mm 300
Taper hole of tailstock   Morse6
Workpiece accuracy   IT6
Surface roughness μm Ra 1.6
Main power mm 22
Weight mm 9000;11000
Length mm 4500;6000
Width mm  2435
Height mm 2300

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