Thermostatic Cooling Device Ensure Accuracy of Thermal Stability of Gantry Machining Center

Liande CNC machine tool is one of the gray hair for lathe business and establish cooperation relationship with NSK, HIWIN, FANUC and other famous brand, at present we have developed 4 products series: CNC lathe machine, vertical machining center, gantry machining center, and wheel lathe for example CE, ISO9001 etc, in addition, we have a number of invention patent.

CNC gantry machining center has a structure of movable workstation and fixed beam gantry. The bed, table, column, beam and other basic parts are made of resin sand molding. CNC gantry machining center adopts high-quality high-strength cast iron HT300 by aging treatment with reasonable structure design, high stiffness, good flexural resistance and excellent stability and accuracy.

CNC gantry machining center spindle adopts ZF two steps gearbox to meet user demand for high torque tools, the main component of the overall main section are from professional manufacturers with high transmission reliability, accuracy and stability with Maximum spindle speed 6000rmp.

Cooling of spindles and spindle gearbox are via a thermostatic cooling device, taking away the heat generated by the rotation of the spindle, ensure that the temperature changes in the machine spindle does not exceed 60℃, also to ensure temperature stability of the transmission, while ensuring that the machine overall temperature uniformity, reducing machine temperature changes to ensure the accuracy of the thermal stability of gantry machining center.

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