Quality Warranty of CNC Gantry Machining Center

Liande CNC machine tool is one of the gray hair for lathe business and establish cooperation relationship with NSK, HIWIN, FANUC and other famous brand, at present we have developed 4 products series: CNC lathe machine, vertical machining center, gantry machining center, and wheel lathe for example CE, ISO9001 etc, in addition, we have a number of invention patent.

Gantry machining center adopts FANUC CNC system with automatic tool change function. It can do linear and circular interpolation cutting, which can carry out milling, boring, drilling, expanding, reaming, tapping and other machining processes. Especially suitable for machining box parts and miscellaneous parts in the field of automotive, metallurgy, mining, machine tool manufacturing and other industries.

Structure features of CNC Gantry Machining Center:
Gantry machining center adopts table movement structure with rigid, smooth motion. Base, table, column , beam, slide , headstock base and other major parts are made of cast iron HT300 , box-type structure, compact and reasonably symmetrical rib structure ensures high flexural rigidity and damping properties of the base parts;
Guide rail(X/Y direction) is Taiwan HIWIN linear motion guide with high loading capacity, high speed, high rigidity, low friction , low noise, low temperature rise and other changes characteristic;
Left and right side of headstock have a balance oil cylinder, automatic synchronization balancing by gas-liquid conversion device, no external power source.
X, Y, Z direction feed adopts outer cannula circulation double nut preloading P3 grade large lead ball screw with high rigidity, feeding speed is high;
spindle is connected by synchronous belt with high precision, low noise, maximum speed up to 8000rpm.
X, Y direction guide rails , screw protection devices are used to ensure screw and guide rail cleaning and the machine 's transmission and motion accuracy and useful life;

Quality warranty of CNC Gantry Machining Center:
The seller shall guarantee that equipments are completely brand-new and shall conform to the technical main specification. The mechanical guarantee of machinery & equipment shall be 12 months from the installation in case the commissioning can not be carried out due to buyer's reason. During the guarantee period, if the accessory (ies) of equipment(s) is/are damaged, due to the buyer's insufficient maintenance, improper operation of the equipment, the seller will replace or repair it at buyer's charge, while if the said damages are due to faults in designs and workmanship, seller will replace or repair it at his own cost.

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